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Sue A Collector For Debt Collection Harassment

If debt collectors are violating your consumer rights through the FDCPA, you have the right to sue and recover up to $1000.00 in statutory damages and possibly more for actual damages!

Common FDCPA Violations

Here are some common FDCPA violations perpetrated by debt collectors:

  1. Contacting a debtor who is represented by an attorney.
  2. Failing to warn a debtor that the communication is from a debt collector and that any information obtained will be used to collect a debt.
  3. Failing to warn on all subsequent communications that they are from a debt collector.
  4. Calling the debtor an unreasonable number of times daily or after they have been instructed to stop calling.
  5. Using profane, foul, or obscene language.
  6. Making racial, religious, or sexual slurs.
  7. Yelling or screaming at the debtor.
  8. Engaging in name calling.
  9. Falsely threatening a lawsuit.
  10. Falsely threatening to ruin a debtor's credit.
  11. Trying to collect on debts discharged in bankruptcy.


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