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What Are Zombie Debt Collectors?

The word zombie debt collector may conjure up images of a 70’s horror film often seen late night on AMC. However, there is such a thing as a zombie debt collector. A zombie debt collector is referred to a debt collector that attempts to collect a debt that is years old and typically past the statute of limitations.

A debt collection agency will buy these old debts for pennies on the dollar and use very aggressive collection tactics in order to collect on the debt. The profits zombie debt collectors make can be lucrative. For example, you may have owed a credit card company $1,000 10 years ago. The zombie debt collection agency will buy that debt for $25 and anything they collect over $25 is pure profit.

The tactics of these zombie debt collectors can involve harassment, abuse and other FDCPA violations. Zombie debt collectors are well known for exaggerating the debt amount owed in order to collect more money. A zombie debt collection agency might even provide misleading information regarding their ability to impact your credit score or take you to court.

If you have a very old debt, and a zombie debt collector is threatening and harassing you, contact us immediately. If we can prove they’ve violated your rights, you could receive $1000.00 for statutory or more for actual damages.