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The Law Offices of Michael Lupolover, P.C. is dedicated to excellence in each and every practice area in which it serves its clients. Our practice focuses on the following areas:


Bankruptcy is sometimes the only way to escape the burden of your debts. We can file for relief under either Chapter 7 (liquidation discharge) or Chapter 13 (repayment plan) of the Bankruptcy Code and have your debt erased. It will stop debt collectors, foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments, and lawsuits. Bankruptcy can be the solution and help you get a fresh start.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Many debt collectors do not comply with the strict laws that govern the way they conduct collection activities. We sue debt collectors that engage in harassing, threatening or abusive behavior. We would be glad to discuss your situation and review any collection letters you may have received. Please read our important information on Fair Debt Collection. If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you should call us today!

Foreclosure Defense

At The Law Offices of Michael Lupolover, P.C., we understand the hardships families face when confronted with the uncertain future foreclosures present, but more importantly we know how to fight foreclosures.

When it comes to foreclosure law, we know every single defense. With our team of legal professionals on your side, you will have the tools to leverage these tactics to create a plan that's unique to your particular situation. The longer you put off getting help, the harder it will be for us to help you. Let The Law Offices of Michael Lupolover, P.C. give you the peace of mind you need to get your mortgage and your life back on track.

We believe in the importance of fully educating our clients on foreclosure matters, which is why we are proud to offer free consultations. To receive a free consultation or any other information, please contact us today.

Personal Injury

To determine whether you are eligible to recover compensation under the No Fault Law of either New York or New Jersey, and to ensure the proper steps are taken to file your case, contact the Law Offices of Michael Lupolover, P.C. We work strictly on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees up front and we recover only if you do.

Credit Reporting Issues

Debt collectors often place the accounts they are trying to collect on your credit report. This hurts your credit score and may prevent you from obtaining a loan or getting credit. Debt collectors frequently place inaccurate information on credit reports. Placing inaccurate information on your credit report is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We can help you get this information corrected and will sue the debt collector on your behalf if they don't fix their credit reporting errors. Sometimes the inaccurate reporting is the result of fraud or identity theft. We are experienced in fixing these types of issues.

Identity Theft Issues

If you discover that your identity has been sacrificed, there are certain procedures that you are required to follow and remedies that you may have. Our office can assist you in following the steps and making sure the credit reporting agencies and creditors are notified so your credit file doesn't continue to suffer. If the credit reporting agencies or creditors don't remove the inaccurate information resulting from the stolen identity from your credit report we can also assist you in taking action against them and enforcing your federal rights.

Debt Collection Defense

Are you being sued for a debt you can't afford to pay or simply don't owe? We can defend you in the lawsuit and help you achieve the result you desire. You have limited time to act once you are served with a suit, so don't wait until your bank account is levied or your wages are garnished and call us today!

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation, also known as debt settlement, involves a personalized plan that successfully enables a negotiator to settle unsecured debts for about 50% or less. Once the creditor and debt settlement negotiator agree on a reduced balance, it will be viewed as payment in full by the creditor. Debt settlement has become a practical alternative for many thousands of consumers across the country and is often a sufficient alternative to bankruptcy.

Negotiation and Contract Review

Our attorneys are excellent negotiators and can resolve disputes on your behalf. We are also skilled at drafting and reviewing contracts. Let us explain the terms of a contract to you before you sign it and become obligated under its terms.

Breach of Contract and other Litigation Matters

We have experience litigating a wide variety of legal matters and can either file a suit on your behalf or defend you in any civil action.