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What Is A Scavenger Debt Collector?

A scavenger debt collector is a company that has purchased your alleged debt (usually pennies on the dollar) from another company that was not successful in the collection of the debt.

Because the debt was un-collectible or the time for collection of the debt has expired due to the statue of limitations, these companies often employ very aggressive and obtrusive tactics to intimidate consumers to pay on the debt.

Many tactics are a blatant violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and many of them have been sued by the FTC.

Regardless of the type of debt collector that's contacting you, they are all required to abide by specific state and federal laws designed to help protect consumers from inappropriate debt collection activity.

Understand, the primary goal of a debt collector is to obtain payment for the alleged outstanding debt as soon as possible. And in many instances, they will lie and illegally harass you to no end. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by a debt collector!

You may not have a legal obligation to pay a debt purchased by a third party debt collection organization.

You may not maintain a contract with a third party debt collector.

A third party debt collector will attempt to engage you in a contract based on the potential statements you make while communicating with them and actions you take such as making payments.

Do not engage in conversation or agree to anything! Call us first!